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  1. Just heard the piano quintet for the first time, courtesy of What a wonderful piece! I've heard a few Weinberg pieces before, including a radio broadcast of The Passenger. This is exciting music, particularly because it was so little known for so long. I'm delighted that there is an ongoing revival of Weinberg's music and a boost to his reputation. BTW, I've been a Shostakovich fan for a very long time. There are, of course, similarities, but I'm enjoying W's own unique voice. Thanks for maintaining this website.

  2. I have really grown to love this composer. I have purchased quite a few of the excellent downloads of his music on Amazon and Itunes. Nice to see this blog with so much detail. Is there a good biography available in English of this composer or a published critique of his music?

    1. Dear Joe,

      Thanks for your comment - great to hear that you've enjoyed the blog, and that you've been exploring Weinberg's music. The only biography currently available is David Fanning's 'In Search of Freedom', available at the following link: Hope that helps.

      All best,