Music behind the Iron Curtain

I am delighted to share further details of my upcoming book, Music behind the Iron Curtain: Weinberg and his Polish Contemporaries.

The book is the result of years of research and writing, including developments of ideas and issues that arose in my PhD thesis (Manchester, 2016). The book's principal subject is Weinberg, of course, though it examines how his music fits into a Polish context. More specifically, it examines how Weinberg left Poland and assimilated into Soviet music, while Polish composers forged ahead in completely different styles. The book touches on Soviet-Polish cultural relations within music, and shows how Weinberg is an extremely useful figure for understanding both spheres.

Music behind the Iron Curtain will be available from the start of October 2019. It is published by Cambridge University Press, who have a page for the book here. The Amazon page for the book is also live, with a 'pre-order' facility available: here.

In addition, readers will be able to order online at a generous discount from Cambridge, using the following flyer (see discount code at the bottom):

The research for the book was generously supported by Polska Music and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, who also provided means for several research visits to Poland for the book. Without their support, this book would not have been possible, and I thank them deeply. Further details about their work, and ongoing Weinberg celebrations, can be read here.

There are even more plans for the book, as I shall be giving a book launch talk (with reception) at London's prestigious Wigmore Hall, as part of their Weinberg centenary season. They are hosting a 'Weinberg focus day' on Saturday 26 October, which will feature chamber music concerts. At 5:30pm, I will be giving a talk to launch Music behind the Iron Curtain. Tickets can ordered (for only £5) at the following link: here.

I will be updating the blog with various items relating to the book - including a 'listening' playlist, with links to accompany every music example in the book. For now - watch this space!


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