Friday 8 March 2013

Animation of Weinberg's life

The Canadian ARC Ensemble have produced an animated video detailing the events of Weinberg's life up to 1953. (The ARC Ensemble will be familiar to you from their excellent CD 'On the Threshold of hope'.)

The video uses the music from this CD together with animations depicting Weinberg to tell the story of his early life. The video is somewhat over-dramatic in places, but gives an excellent introduction to Weinberg's biography.

Featuring snippets from the Clarinet Sonata, Op. 28, and Piano Quintet, Op. 18.

Director James Murdoch, illustrations by Thomas Dannenberg.

(The only aspects I take issue with are the brief suggestion that Stalin could have been poisoned, which is near-spurious, and also the depiction of Shostakovich and Weinberg at the piano - they ought to be the other way around, Shostakovich always played the lower part in their duets.)

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  1. it is such a pity, I cannot view this video in Germany, because it is blocked. Best greetings, Antonina