Friday 31 July 2015

July/August Update

Dear readers - apologies for any lack of input on this blog over recent weeks - my academic work has started to fill almost all of my time (see below!). However, here's a few links to relevant events, releases and general titbits from the world of Weinberg to keep you going.

Probably the biggest story in recent Weinberg releases is the Russian label Melodiya opening their archives further, with two new CDs that are well worth investigating:

Melodiya - Weinberg Symphonies 5 & 10

Melodiya - Weinberg Concertos for Cello, Violin, and Flute

Of course, all of this music has previously been released long ago by Melodiya, but such releases have since become collector's items. With these new editions with an affordable price and attractive packaging, there is much to enjoy. The star factor of such artists as Kondrashin, Rostropovich, Kogan, Barshai, and more, is the icing on the cake.