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Weinberg at the movies

Weinberg's generation was one of the first to grow up surrounded by cinema. As a burgeoning composer, he often wrote music for film to supplement his income ('supplement' may not be the right word; Weinberg earned a very comfortable living from his film work alone). While other composers in the twentieth-century dismissed such duties as 'hack-work', Weinberg took his work seriously, proving himself as an extremely effective writer for cinema.

What follows is an extensive (but by no means exhaustive) list of Weinberg's film work, including several Youtube clips to illustrate his proficiency in the genre.


I have tried to be as accurate as possible with translations and release dates. If there any corrections, please do not hesitate to get in contact. This list was produced from my own notes in consultation with the IMDB website and Claude Torres's excellent website dedicated to Weinberg (see links below).


Fredek uszczęśliwia świat (Poland, 1936) [Fredek makes the World Happy] Released as ‘Happy Freddy’ in the UK

Polkan i Shavka (1949) [Polkan and Shavka] Animation

Dedushka i Vnuchek (1950) [Grandfather and Grandson] Animation

Khrabryy Pak (1953) [Brave Pak] Animation

Dva Druga (1955) [Two Friends] Gorky Film Studios

Ukrotitelnitsa Tigrov (1955) [The Tiger Tamer]

A suite of the film music was made: Suite of the film music 1  
2nd Part

Medovyy Mesyats (1956) [The Honeymoon] Romantic Comedy

Devenatset Mesyatsev (1956) [The Twelve Months] Animation

Letyat Zhuravli (1957) [The Cranes are Flying] - Winner of Palme D’Or, Cannes Film Festival 1958

Whole film (no subs)

Posledniy Dyuym (1958) [The Last Inch]

Whole film on youtube (No subs)
Not youtube, but with subs

Shofyor Ponevole (1958) [A Reluctant Driver]

Posledniye Zalpy (1960) [The Last Volley] War film

Most Pereyti Nel’zya (1960) [Bridge cannot be passed]

Sud Sumasshedshikh (1961) [Court of the Mad]

Clip, featuring some music

Bar’yer Neizvestnosti (1961) [Barrier of Uncertainty]

Molodo-Zeleno (1962) [Young Green]

Ulitsa Nyutona, Dom 1 (1963) [Newton Street, House 1]

Toptyzhka (1964) Animation

Pereklichka (1965) [Roll-Call]

Whole film, no subs

Ani Ne Proydut (1965) [They will not pass]

Kanikuly Bonifatsiya (1965) [Boniface’s Vacation] Animation

Giperboloid Inzhenera Garina (1965) [The Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin] Science-Fiction film

Po Tonkomu l’du (1966) [On Thin Ice]

Seraya Bolezn’  (1966) [Grey Sickness]

Krepkiy Oreshek (1967) [A hard nut to crack]

Tatyanin Den’ (1967) [Tatyana’s Day]

Fokusnik (1967) [The Conjurer]

Beg Inokhodsta (1968) [Goodbye, Gulsary!]

Vinni Pukh (1969) [Winnie the Pooh] Animation

Byl’-Nebylitsa (1970) [True Story-Fiction] Animation

Vinni Pukh Idyot v Gosti (1971) [Winnie the Pooh goes visiting] Animation

Za Vsyo v Otvete (1972) [Responsible for Everything]

Vinni Pukh i Den Zabot (1972) [Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day] Animation

Neylon 100% (1973) [100% Nylon] Comedy

Tovarisch General (1973) [Comrade General]

Czarevich Prosha (1974) [Tsarevich Prosha]

Whole film (no subs)

Moy Dom, Teatre (1975) [My House, the Theatre]

Afonya (1975) Comedy - one of the highest-grossing films in Soviet History

Full film (no subs)

Chestnoe Volshebnoe (1975) [Upright Magic]

Kak Ivanushka-durachok za Chudom Khodil (1977) [How Ivan the fool travelled in search of a wonder]

Whole film (No subs)

Marka Strany Gondelupy (1977) Family film

Solovey (1979) [The Nightingale] Musical based around the Hans Christian Andersen story

Tegeran-43 (1981) [Assassination Attempt] Action film

Oslinaya Shkura (1982) [Donkey’s Hide] Family Comedy/Fantasy

Full film (No subs)

O Strannostyakh Lyubvi (1983) [About Oddities of Love] Romantic Comedy

I Vot Prishyol Bumbo (1984) [And along came Bumbo!] Family

Full film (no subs)

Lev i Byk (1984) [Lion and Bull] Animation

Skazka pro Vlyublyonnogo Malyara (1987) [The Tale of the Painter in Love]

Otche Nash (1989) [Our Father in Heaven] Drama

Malenkiy Chelovek v Bolshoy Voyne (1989) [Little Man in the Great War]

IMDB Weinberg list
Claude Torres's Weinberg Filmography

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