Thursday, 10 January 2013

Podcast interview with Alison Brewster Franzetti

A quick link to a Naxos promotional 'e-card' for the Grand Piano series featuring Alison Brewster Franzetti, with all of Weinberg's piano works recorded (some for the first time). As well as containing some good information, it also includes a lengthy podcast interview, which is interesting if only for showing us Franzetti's thinking behind the series.

Link for the Weinberg piano 'e-card'

(N.B. - I was wincing throughout the interview every time that they pronounced Weinberg's name with a soft 'W' - it's definitely with a hard 'V' sound!)

The first three volumes of the series are widely available, and the final volume will be released at the beginning of February - see the previous post on upcoming releases.

'Upcoming Releases' post

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