Friday 21 November 2014

Soviet-era Weinberg scores

Weinberg's music was widely performed during his lifetime, largely inside in the Soviet Union. Even more of it was published - below are some scans from three scores in my possession, all dating from the Soviet era. I'm particularly keen to hear from anyone who owns any other Soviet Weinberg scores.

First Symphony, Op. 10, (Moscow: Soviet Kompozitor, 1972)

Weinberg First Symphony, cover.

Weinberg First Symphony, title page.

Weinberg First Symphony, first page of score.

Sovetskaya Kompozitor catalogue of works (including Shostakovich, Weinberg, and Khrennikov).

Eighth Symphony, Op. 83, (Moscow: Izdateltsvo Muzyka, 1968).

Weinberg Eighth Symphony, cover.

Weinberg Eighth Symphony, title page.

Weinberg Eighth Symphony, instrumental forces.

Weinberg Eighth Symphony, first page of score.

Sixth String Quartet, Op. 35 (Moscow: Izdatelstva Muzyka, 1979)

Weinberg Sixth Quartet, cover.

Weinberg Sixth Quartet, title page.

Weinberg Sixth Quartet, first page of score.

I'm very interested in hearing from anyone else who may have similar Weinberg scores - please see the contact page on this blog.

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