Sunday 19 April 2015

International Mieczysław Weinberg Society founded

An exciting new organisation has been created, with Irina Shostakovich as honorary president: the International Mieczysław Weinberg Society. The violinist Linus Roth, well-known to Weinberg enthusiasts for his excellent recordings, has played a large role in founding the group. Their website can be found here. They list the following mission statement:
The International Weinberg Society was founded to promote the music of Mieczysław Weinberg, to bring attention to his works, to encourage musicians to perform his music and make him known to a wider audience.
Its mission is to organise concerts, lectures, exhibitions and multidisciplinary events which are focused on Weinberg´s music and life, his close connection to Dimitri Shostakovich and his importance to classical music in the 20th century.
One of the Society´s objectifs is to contribute to the financing of recordings of his music, as well as the publication and translation of articles and books about his life.
This new organisation appears to be one to watch - it has the approval of numerous Weinberg supporters, including Tommy Persson, Thomas Sanderling, David Pountney, PeerMusic, Sikorski, The International Shostakovich Society, and many more. Any organisation dedicated to furthering recordings and publications on Weinberg's life and works has my full support and approval. 

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